A Better Way To Insulate

Fiberglass batts can leave drafty uninsulated gaps.  Spray foam can be expensive.  Both loose-fill fiberglass and dense-pack cellulose fill voids, reduce air movement and provide better thermal and acoustical insulation than batting.  Insulation accessories from Hanes Engineered Materials make installation easier.


Insulweb® is your go-to fabric whether you are damp spraying or dense packing cellulose, blowing or loose-filling fiberglass or any similar application.

Recognized as the premier product in the industry for all types of wet and dry blown insulation, Insulweb® achieves superior performance through excellent fiber strength and random web formation.  Dry or wet, cellulose or fiberglass - Insulweb® is versatile enough to handle the job. Even dense-packing is a breeze when you use Insulweb® - the product installers have been requesting for well over a decade.

Insuloc™ is your choice for loose-fill applications.

Used for all dry blown-in applications, the fine fiber structure of Insuloc™ helps reduce fiber migration.

Insulpac™ insulation recovery bags make clean up a breeze.

The Insulpac™ line of professional grade vacuum bags are designed to be used in conjunction with industrial insulation collection and disposal equipment.  Insulpac™ bags are high strength with good air porosity to ease clean up.